About our Research

Our group studies the nonlinear interaction between light and matter. Our research covers various areas of quantum and nonlinear optics from the photon level to terawatts. Research areas includes ultrafast nonlinear optics, nanophotonics, nonlinear propagation in fibers and bulk media, the generation and processing of quantum light fields, and stimulated scattering processes.

Recent Publications

S. A. Miller, Y. Okawachi, S. Ramelow, K. Luke, A. Dutt, A. Farsi, A. L. Gaeta, and M. Lipson,
"Tunable frequency combs based on dual microring resonators,"

D. L. Weerawarne, B. Shim, X. Gao, and A. L. Gaeta,
"Higher-order nonlinearities revisited and their effect on harmonic generation,"
Phys. Rev. Lett. 114, 093901 (2015).

A. G. Griffith, R. K W. Lau, J. Cardenas, Y. Okawachi, A. Mohanty, R. Fain, Y. H. D. Lee, M. Yu, C. T. Phare, C. B. Poitras, A. L. Gaeta, and M. Lipson,
"Silicon-chip mid-infrared frequency comb generation,"
Nature Commun. 6, 6299 (2015).

M. Fridman, Y. Okawachi, S. Clemmen, M. Menard, M. Lipson, A. L. Gaeta,
"Waveguide-based single-shot temporal cross-correlator,"
J. Opt. 17, 035501 (2015).

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